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  • How to become a partner?
  • How do I get a 40% discount?
  • How to get a partner's license?

  • How to become a partner?

    To become our partner you need to fill in the application and give us a brief description of your company, its main business activity, completed projects and other details required. Your application will be considered by the partnership coordinators and you will be contacted via e-mail shortly.

    How do I get a 40% discount?

    After your partner's application is accepted, it will be considered by the partners program coordinators. And if all the requirements are complied, you will be informed that your user account is granted special access rights which allow you to make any purchase on our web site with 40% partner's discount.

    How to get a partner's license?

    To get your free copy you have to:

    1. Transfer your web site to the trial version of the Bitrix Site Manager.
    2. Place the Bitrix Company logo, the title "Powered by Bitrix Site Manager - Content Management & Portal Solutions" on your site and a link to the official product site: www.bitrixsoft.com.
    3. Keep the Bitrix Company logo, the title and the link during the whole term of the Distribution and Licensing Agreement.
    4. Place Bitrix Site Manager product description on your web site.
    5. Cease using the free product copy or purchase the commercial product copy in case of the Distribution and Licensing Agreement termination.
    6. During one year since the free product copy activation you should sell the product copies totaling to the price of two product editions of your partner's copy. If you do not meet this condition you are obliged to purchase your product copy with the dealer discount.

    Note that when integrating the Bitrix Site Manager you should change the trial version design. The free product copy is granted for a partner's web site that deals with software delivery and integration, software distribution, web design and web development, IT consulting, systems integration, advertising and site promotion and other web services.

    When the foregoing conditions are accomplished please send us a link to your site and a request for the partner's license key to partners@bitrixsoft.com.

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