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Go Jobs

Search the job database by region, occupation, and employment type. Post your resume to their database.
Social Science History Association

A scholarly organization which promotes interdisciplinary and systematic approaches to historical research.

Find friends and participate in the online community.
Center for the Study of the Environment

Private not-for-profit organization, providing information, identification, analysis and optimal solutions to environmental problems. Science based projects are conducted on global, regional and local scales.
ISER - Internet Special Education Resources

Directory of professionals who serve the learning disabilities and special education communities.
Colleges, Schools and Universities Listings

Alphabetical listing of community, graduate, management, law, dental and medical schools, colleges and universities around the globe.
BioMed Central

An online journal publishing peer-reviewed research across all areas of biology and medicine with immediate, barrier-free access for all, plus commentary, reviews, collaboration tools, and database links.
Inside Medicine

Offers descriptions of current research on a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions.
Easy Exercises

An online programme of exercises to be incorporated into your everyday life.
Fitness and Body Image

Helping with health and fitness goals.
Computer and Video Games Survey

Annual quantitative survey to describe gamers hardware, software and connectivity set-ups.
Gemynd Online

Multiple simulation themes, including sports and fantasy medieval campaigns. Each game has unique page and information.
ARGN - Alternate Reality Gaming Network

A resource available for players of online collaborative alternate reality games. A network of independent websites dedicated to the support of the burgeoning genre known as alternate reality gaming.

Covers many CS and some non CS topics. Lists just a few major links for each topic.
Computing Research Association

Seeks to strengthen research and education in computing fields. Membership, event and job information.

Providers of component-based software development services. Offers company background, solutions list, and client profile.

Thousands of open source projects hosted. Offering access to CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking and message boards/forums.
Web Techniques

Dedicated to exploring and evaluating new ways of developing websites. Examples and source code are available.
World Wide Web Consortium

International industry consortium founded in 1994 whose purpose is to develop specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to promote the Internet's evolution and ensure its interoperability.
Hardware Central

Computing-centric community providing vital information, support, tools and interaction facilities for power computer users and enthusiasts.

An international contact center that provides blended inbound and outbound telecalling facilities coupled with BPO services such as email management and back office tasks.

Provides e-commerce solutions to automated foreign exchange and money market dealing systems.
The Contract Employee's Handbook

Helps contract employees manage their careers, find their next assignments, deal effectively with employment agencies, and make more money.

Post resume, search for employment by locale, gain career advice and take an inventory of personal career readiness.
IRMA -- Information Resources Management Association

A not-for-profit, vendor-independent, international professional organization dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information resources management in modern organizations.
EMBC Quality Management Consultants

Providing consulting, auditing, and training services to companies wanting to better their business processes by improving their quality and/or reliability.

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